Vancouver Protest

On August 18, master Taheri’s supporters in Vancouver-British Columbia, gathered in front of Art Gallery and asked for freedom of Mohammad Ali Taheri.

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Mission Statement

“Free Taheri” Gathering Declaration Today, we, as supporters of freedom of speech, have gathered here to support human rights of all people who stand for what they believe. People, including Doctor. Mohammad Ali Taheri, should not be executed for their beliefs. We request the immediate freedom of Mr. Taheri whose message is “Love, Peace, and Unity” for all people. Mr. Taheri has never been involved in any political activities. He is only a spiritual teacher and researcher, who promotes holistic medicine. He is a well-known and popular Iranian academic who has received awards and recognition from several International Universities and professional associations. This includes being honored as an “Officer” by the European Innovation Awards in Brussels, Belgium. Mr. Taheri has a significant number of supporters around the world and his message of love and union for all humankind has been a source of inspiration and healing for countless people, who seek inner peace and happiness. Unfortunately, because of this message Mr. Taheri has been arrested and has been placed in solitary confinement for more than 2 years. He has never been given the chance for a fair trial. He has been under physical, mental, and emotional torture; and has been repeatedly threatened with execution. With each passing day his situation becomes more dire as it is advantageous to the Iranian regime to execute him during the current change in government.
As his students and supporters, we emphasize that Mr. Taheri is a spiritual teacher, and NOT a political figure. Mr. Taheri and his supporters have never supported or been supported by any political organization working against the government of Islamic Republic of Iran. We ask President Roohani to honor his promises and pay attention to the rights of all prisoners in general, and Mohammad Ali Taheri, in particular. We emphasize that Mr. Taheri is imprisoned on the basis of false accusations, and that we request his immediate freedom.
We also request that all international human rights organizations and supporters, including the United Nations and Amnesty International, take any steps necessary to prevent the violation of Mr. Taheri’s human rights. We particularly request that Mr. Ahmad Shahid, the United Nations Special Rapporteur for human rights in Iran, act urgently to save Mr. Taheri’s life. He is in immediate and grave danger. We ask for urgent help to save the life of an innocent spiritual teacher. We also invite all humanitarian organizations and people around the world, especially those living in Canada, to join us to help Free Mr. Taheri.We would also like to thank the people of Vancouver who have supported this cause. We sincerely hope these efforts will pave the way for improved human rights in Iran and a better world, filled with love, peace, unity, freedom, and justice for all.

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